If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Blame Tláloc

Rain! Rain! My city for some rain!

My vast suburbia for some break

from the malicious attacks that remain:

all of those that made up the last week and change!

Ah, the impenetrable fog, such a marble to behold

Made for us, by us... Lets not kid ourselves... I know who votes

Who should judge whose cars stopped, and which cars rolled

Which factories work, and what trees are cut?

Stop, for I am the Chief, the sole and only chief.

I make the rules, unfair and square, solely

to my supporter’s relief

To change a sticker, such a plea?

Screw thee, Pedestrian!
Screw thee, Enviroment!
Screw thy rail, Screw thy bus

Stop, for I am the king, the sole and only king.
I drive at speed, reckless and unconcerned, since,
I own the streets, wouldn’t you agree?
I own the ICE baby, and we know who I’ve convinced.


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