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Blast from the Past: The 2001 WRC Safari Rally

So Ive been watching a ton of older WRC videos on youtube and came across this gem: The Safari Rally. For those of you who are not familiar with this event, it is without a doubt one of the most punishing World Rally events ever.

Im almost ashamed to say that this is now old-school rallying. Watching this hour recap, you can really tell why it is one of the most hardcore rallies of all time: long stages, very rough roads (often no roads at all), and obstacles such as cattle, oncoming cars... or people who just don’t understand there is a rally going on. Its not surprising this rally was known as a car killer. I also happen to think the cars look pretty badass with a snorkel.

And the drivers. Don’t get me started on the drivers. Some real legendary names are on the roster here: McCrae, Sainz, the stone cold Makinen, the late Richard Burns, Petter Solberg, and my man Marcus Gronholm... If you need a history lesson on rally legends, here you go.

Do yourself a favor and watch some of the best drivers in the world do battle in the most punishing rally event the WRC has ever had. Enjoy.

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