A major pet peeve of mine is out of place automobiles in period pieces. I’m talking about cars produced after the supposed timeframe of a movie or tv show. Normally I notice 1970s volkswagens passed of in 1960s settings. I let these go, most non car people don’t even realize the bug ever changed, the shape is so iconic that they get away with it, no harm, no foul.

I recently watched the new Amazon series, Red Oaks. If you have Amazon prime, it’s worth checking out the ten 30 minute episodes. It’s sort of a Caddy Shack meets Wet Hot American Summer meets every John Hughes movie. Set in 1985, it follows the lives of the college aged kids working at an east coast country club. All and all, pretty solid little show I hope they bring back. Now, my gripe...

Jeeps, like old VWs get no respect, to most people a Jeep is a Jeep. In 1985, even if you had the latest and greatest Jeep gifted to you by your country club set parents, you would have wound up with a cj7. As a former jeep owner myself, I was a bit miffed when this thing rolled itself into 1985. I might have let this go if it just rolled through the background in soft focus, but the thing is featured rather prominently in several episodes. Could you really not find a nice looking cj for this role?

Please share your favorite out of place vehicles from movies or tv shows.