Okay, I hate doing this, and I rarely shill for work on Oppo, but it could be beneficial to you and kindof fun.

We recently started a series on our company blog called AutoMods (I didn't come up with the name), in which we choose a vehicle and virtually modify it throughout the week. Monday is power, Wednesday is brakes and handling, and Friday is anything else we didn't get, usually appearance, interior, or audio related. It's a pretty baldfaced effort to direct customers searching for year/make/model parts directly to them, but I'm doing my best to make them informational and amusing, if not TorchMuro hilarious.

One week per month, we're going to use a commenter-suggested car, preferably (but not necessarily) his or her own.

The suits really wanted to push this, so they told me to give away a $100 gift card every month to the commenter whose suggestion we chose. But, since I cannot into internet, we haven't gotten any comments.

So if you want to win a hundred bucks, comment on the above AutoMods post, or any of the AutoMods posts, with your suggestion.


Insider tips for winning:

-It doesn't have to be your own car.

-Include some way to get ahold of you if you win. An Oppo handle so I can find you later, a Twitter name, an email address, a poor photo of a hand-drawn map to a coffee can in a sewer tunnel where I can leave the gift card...you get the idea.


-Go American. Unfortunately, (most unfortunately), our selection for imports is butt. If we're going to write a week of articles about parts we sell for a car, we have to sell those parts. But you can check it out using the YMM on StreetsideAuto.com.

Feel free to discuss below, but if you want to enter, click over to comment here.


Thanks, and there's a tastefully, beautifully modded American car for your efforts.

UPDATE: Apparently our stupid captcha thing isn't working. We're working to fix it. Stand by. (Maybe this can account for the lack of comments?)

UPDATE 2: Fixed! And we still have your comments from yesterday. Thanks for posting!