Blazing Hot Friday Take: Ban Pickups.

Hi already angry fellow Oppos. I want to tell you that I want to ban trucks.

Normal Modern Truck

I’ve been contemplating this for a while and I think it’s time we ban trucks for normal people to buy, use and drive. This will come into effect when I become supreme ruler.


I will make the following exceptions:

1) If you already own a truck: I don’t want to confiscate anyone’s wheels.

2) If you own a truck older than 25 years: I’m biased, because I do (see below). Also, “classics” are exempt from my law.

3) If you have a commercial drivers licence

4) If you pass a “truck test” during your licensing/driving tests and get endorsed to operate a truck.

Muh truck

The reasons I want to do this are as follows:

1) Bad for the environment - trucks, on average burn more gas than other classes of vehicle


2) They are huge. You don’t need a truck to commute from your McMansion to your job as an accountant in the city.

3) Truck bros, they will have to jump through extra hoops

4) Safety: trucks are not the safest class of vehicle.

5) Just as a fun fact, where I live, Pickups are classed as commercial vehicles, without exception. You don’t have to get a different licence or extra training, but they are insured differently. Not sure how this applies to utes. It’s never come up.


Anyway... Discuss: Tell me how dumb/smart I am and why you do or don’t support this idea.

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