Bleeding out... Update: Now I'm really Pissed.

the brakes and clutch in the Zetor. I am having no luck. I’ve been sucking on the clutch slave bleeder with my vacuum bleeder for the better part of an hour and have yet to get any fluid to suck through through from the reservoir. when I pump the clutch peddle the fluid in the res swirls around and changes level, but I’m still only getting air out of the slave bleeder... The only thing I can think is that the pressure equalizer between the clutch and brake circuit is preventing fluid flow into the lower clutch circuit... But I thought for sure the vacuum bleeder would suck it through. ARGH, maybe its like a Mercedes with mechanical ABS and needs to be bled from closest to farthest circuit, instead of farthest first?? Blah. The repair manual just says “bleed the circuit in the usual manner”... Any advice?

that’s a middle finger, incase you couldn’t tell.

Update: So, I successfully bled both brake circuits with the one-man vacuum-bleeder method. pedals feel good, pumped through all the gunky old fluid until fresh, clean came out, if there’s air in it, it’s not much. I mean it’s a tractor, I’m not super worried about a few small bubbles anyway...


now, the clutch.... the fucking clutch... I tried regular bleeding (the slave cylinder and clutch pedal are both reachable by standing on the left side of the tractor just in front of the operator station), vacuum bleeding, gravity bleeding, and when those all failed to get results I went out, bought a 60ml syringe at the local farm supply, and pumped 120ml of fresh DOT3 backwards through the circuit via the slave bleeder nut. The result? A fucking floppy clutch pedal and no movement from the slave. WTF? Clutch was working fine before the leaky brake masters caused most of the fluid to leak out of the system, even then, I could pump it and get it to work enough to drive it back to the shed and park until the new brake master cylinders arrived... now the brakes work (and don’t leak) and the clutch acts like it’s hosed. :P

why u no bleed/work/move/fuck you!

What do you think the chances are I can get it to work without replacing the clutch master cylinder now? And if so, how the fuck do I get it work again?

at least if I have to replace this motherfucker, it’s easier to get to than the brake masters...


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