"Blinky Lights on the Dashboard"

In which I get very, very lost, then the CR-V gets a bit...muddy.

So I thinks to myself, "Hey, I've driven home from my school a lot. I should be able to find my own way home without use of the GPS...

Illustration for article titled Blinky Lights on the Dashboard

No. No, I cannot.

On the flip side, I DID find a nice abandoned field to test out the CR-V's "off-roader" portents.It turns out that a CR-V can offroad, but the traction control will hate your guts. It's not often that you have to struggle to get to 5mph. At least I managed to sneak in a few slides... ahh, mud.


Now it may slightly smell like something burning. Not sure what would be burning aside from maybe the brakes because everything functions normally. It's probably just mud caught somewhere awkward, because the smell dissipated after a while running in the rain on normal-person streets.

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