If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Blue Plate.

The Rabbit is now officially a “Collecctor Car”. The old school plate looks much better than the typical Wisconsin plate. I kind of want to paint the red numbers orange to match the car. I’d bet no one would notice, but I would. I’m kind of disappointed with the number I got, I’m not superstitious, just weird, but I like odd numbers and only got one. The BMW is 4715 much better. My first 3 cars had 797-PUM so good, so odd... (part of the reason I bought the Galant was that it was number 741 nice and odd if it had been like 624 I might have walked... maybe I am superstitious)

Also it erks me that American plates don’t fit on this car. It’s very clearly made for a European plate.

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