So I am driving with my girlfriend down to Florida in April this year in my miata! Should be a fun trip! Anyways our first day of travel is going from DC to the Charlotte, NC area. Since we want to take our time in getting down there, we definitely want to do some scenic driving. Original plan was to do the entirety of skyline drive (or just parts of it) but after further research, I found a potentially better option!

Basically the plan is to drive a ~175 mile section of blue Ridge Parkway from the 64 to the 77. From what I have looked into, that should be pretty scenic, is free to drive, and is a little more drive worthy since it is mostly 45mph instead of the 35mph skyline drive. Now I don't plan on hooning the road in either case, but I think BRP is a little more of a driving road. I will be there on a Thursday from around 9am-3ish so traffic should not be a concern. Anyone have an opinion on that area?