Bluetooth ODB2 Reader Worked!

Got my fancy Bluetooth ODB2 reader today. Plug it in and got the answer I was looking for. Cylinder 1 misfire, and a ignition sequence error.

One thing this doesn’t tell me is if the problem is the plug or the coil. However I do know it’s not the injector, or IACV two other possibilities to chase the symptoms.


Now if you’re going to replace plugs you might as well do coils since you have to remove one to get to the other. So I ordered a set of 6 of both. I intend to keep this car for the long haul so doing all of the made since. Plus 1 could and 1 plug cost about 50 bucks vs 200 for all 6 of each.

Oh the dongle and app set that I got is called Blue Driver. Other mentioned that this one is over priced, but I’m happy with my purchase thus far. I’m almost looking forward to using it again! I also found out that I need rear brake pads. Oh that distributer gear code is for an “unexpected” reset. Probably has something to do with that time my AWD went out...

The real fun part will be getting to the last two plugs... not sure how you do that as they are under a cowl, I’m guessing there’s a way to take that off. I’ll have to look it up, I’m not the only Joe Shmoe who is too cheap to take his E90 to a proper technician.


Also big shout out to the USPS worker who delivered this package at like 6 pm even though I’d already gotten an email from Amazon saying it wouldn’t be delivered today due to delays in transit. My regular mail came at 2:30 like normal, and the put of nowhere dude shows up and delivers this one package. What a legend! 

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