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Bluxury. I'm inventing that word.

Budget Luxury. Bluxury. (Note: I'm not calling this Bulls**t Luxury) Is there such a thing? Can almost but not quite still be luxurious? This is the Interior of the new Kia Sedona mini-van, with options. It looks very nice and I am continuously impressed with the Hyundai group's progress and design. But look closely, it will still look cheap in ten years. Like a 2001 Camry with leather seats, that dash will be called cheap plastic after one owner cycle. Perhaps I don't know what i'm talking about, again, but I see these very nice designs and then I see ten years down the line and see old and cheap plastic bits for interior instead of something still good over time. I like what they're doing overall but are the plastic Bluxury bits holding up?


[EDIT: the grey blah picture showed up in a 2015 search, as pointed out by a commenter, that was not accurate. It is aparently from 2012. The additional proper 2015 pic is added to the top.]

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