BM2, Esteve, NPCP?

Rejoyce, for this is a 328i with the M sport kit and a red interior, and not a single scratch!

As a Puebla car as the plates suggests, this 3er lived in the comfort of good streets and highway driving, it’s body is dingless, but the tags suggest this car is 2 years or older, as so does the fact that it’s a pre LCI. The owner wasn’t ready to talk numbers with me, but he said around 300,000 pesos and to give him a call instead of stalking his car on a bicycle.


The price, of around 15,000 dollars is about market for a car like this, a similarly equipped, new 330i would probably set you back around 850,000.

However, it’s pointless to me because I live in the socialist clutches of Mexico City; a communist dystopia where cars need to be checked for emissions before being driven! Which means that this car has an expiration date written on it: 7 years after being sold it won’t be daily drivable because of HoyNoCircula, something Esteve could care less about in Nuevo Leon.


But maybe it’s pointless for my fellow Latinx oppos, as BM2 is in America, land of no imports, and Esteve has a very pretty E9x already.

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