So this appeared this morning on Jalopnik: 2019 BMW 8Series Leaked Photo

BMW has seemed to have gotten the message and put effort back into producing exciting and sporty cars once again. You know, tight and agile,,, the ultimate driving machines once again.


While BMW’s have had their own driving dynamic identity, style has been another whole kettle of fish over the past 20+ years. The Bangle era and his but really seemed to polarize people to start it off but this has always been a BMW ‘thing’.

Quirky and just a little different is how I would describe BMW styling over the last 40 or so years. A few gems, a bunch of pretty good looking standard cars and a handful of turds: I’m looking at you 5Series GT.

So here we are at the cusp of the re-birth of the 8 Series and they drop this. It may be a fake, it may be photo-shopped but I bet it’s real or at least 95% accurate and all I can say is , Mehhhh,,,,

I will of course reserve full judgement until I see one in the flesh, but so far, meh:(


I’m really excited for this though:


The new Z4! Now this looks good and proportionately just about spot on. A small sporty 2 seat-er from BMW to rival the Boxter, now I’m up for that. Praise be to the auto gods: please don’t ‘F’ this one up!