Over the course of the last two weeks, I met (via phone and email) an amazing couple. They are married with 3 children and they had inquired about a used Chevrolet Suburban my dealership had on the lot. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I couldn't get the Suburban sold to them due to extenuating circumstances. That's a long story for another day, however, in the process I was able to get to know these great folks and learn a little bit about them. They are hard working people who treat others with respect and dignity. Also, they own a 1974 BMW 2002 Tii that has been in the family since 1979. That's where the story really begins.

If you know anyone who is seriously interested in giving this 2002 a proper home, please email the owner at traddh@gmail.com. They are true to their word and a pleasure to work with.

Please feel free to share this post to anyone you know. I am posting this here because I don't want this car to end up with someone who doesn't understand. I want an enthusiast who will take care of it. Also, I am posting because my conversations with this couple were so positive, I just want to do anything I can to help them out.

I'm going to let the owner of the vehicle tell you a bit about the history of the car and what has been done to it.

1974 BMW 2002tii Burgundy (Malaga)

This is a classic BMW, a real TII version that still has the Kugelfischer injection system.The car has been in my family since 1979.The odometer reads 167k, but the engine has about 1000 miles on it on a fresh rebuild with about everything being replaced on it.She has been fed Amsoil 10W-40 since break-in completed.I'll attempt to list the engine upgrades here below.

The interior is originally Tan, but currently has seats from a 1988 533i in it for increased comfort, but the originals are still available.I also have a replacement carpet kit in black color if you're interested.The steering wheel is a Momo Sport with a BMW roundel on the horn.




The entire driveline has been completely renewed with the exception of the two half-shafts (I have a brand new one in the original box, if interested).I just got new tires on it on 3/16/2013, so you won't need to worry about those for a while.The battery is an Optima Red-Top battery that can go many months without a charge or running the car and carries plenty of juice to crank the car with the battery located in the trunk.Wheels are E30 OEM bottle-cap wheels.Brake lines are braided stainless steel.This car also has BEHR Air Conditioning.It will need a charge of hotshot or a conversion for a few bucks, but it has served me well over hot summers.


Kugelfischer injection pump rebuilt to match the upgraded cam

Schrick 292 camshaft with heavy duty valve springs

Head ported by Car Industries in Greensboro, NC

Mahle piano-top pistons with Mahle rings

Ignition system is upgraded with MSD Ignition due to the higher compression and a Pertronix magnetic pickup to get rid of the ridiculous point setup.

Exhaust manifold is the original cast-iron TII manifold, but has been coated at Jet-Hot and ported for better flow and life.


The Intake is customized with a ram-type air filter on a 3" aluminum intake elbow.The original is still available, but not recommended for use unless you want it back to 100% original.

The water pump is the newest part of the engine only having about 10 miles on it.The radiator is a triple-core (custom made) OEM one.

The front engine radiator fan is brand new as well.


As mentioned above, the manifold is the better-than-headers TII manifold with Jet-Hot coating.

The center resonator is an OEM "TII" one to keep the throaty exhaust and flow

The muffler is an ANSA Race muffler that is louder than most, but allows the upgraded engine to breathe the way it should.This was necessary due to the upgraded engine instead of the original single-outlet OEM muffle.


Konig Rear Shocks and Front ????struts make up the load handling, but the TII sway bars are larger and I've added Urethane bushings to stiffen this up.

The new tires have increased the ride comfort substantially over what I had on it before.

The car has front and rear strut tower braces that have been sent off to Jet-Hot for their custom coating.The front tower stiffens up the cornering while the rear does also, but it also houses the battery.This was done and removed from the engine bay to create room to work and allow for a cold-air intake.


The Hella H1 headlamps have a great pattern and I've upgraded the high-beams with semi-legal 100-Watt bulbs.

The Driving Lights are also Hella and may need a little tweaking to get them where you want them aimed.

Front Turn Signals are the flush-fit Italian lights with the two-tone white/orange lens.These are going for several hundred by themselves on ebay.I do also have the original ones that the US DMV forced BMW to put on them with the bubble-out orange design.


The paint was all done back around 1995.Hurricane Fran put a few branches down on it and forced a repaint of most of the car.The paint is Sikkens brand, but the clear coat on the trunk is coming off.This is the one part of the car I considered having redone (the whole paint job), but I just can't afford to do it.This car runs great and turns heads, but needs some attention in this department.


Rust isn't prevalent on this car, but was noticed in the spare tire well and a few spots here and there.

I am selling this car to ensure she gets the love and attention she needs.If I had a 3-car garage and extra money for a hobby, I'd keep this car forever.With 3 boys, a full-time job, and a side business, I need to sell.Please understand that I only want serious BMW enthusiast.You are welcome to come over and go over everything you want.


Vehicle is located in Raleigh, NC. Contact traddh@gmail.com