After the success of the BMW E21 3 series, BMW launched the E30 in 1982. The car came in many variants (31 worldwide) from the 75hp 316s to the 235hp M3 Sport Evolution. However only 11 versions of this car made it to America. The engine options available to US buyers were a 1.8i (318i), 2.5i (325i, 325is, 325ix), 2.7 (325e, 325es) After the 1987 facellift BMW introduced the xDrive option for the car. BMW also introduced the 325e and 325es, the economy versions of the car. This model had a 2.7 I6, based on the M20 engine from the 320i but made larger to produce more torque. They did this because it was meant for economy so the engine would be revving lower therefore needing more torque. Later the revolutionary M3 was revealed. This had an all new 2.3 I4 producing 192HP in US spec. BMW created special Europe only editions - the M3 Evolution, M3 Evolution II, and the M3 Sport Evolution.

The BMW E30 M3 lived on to be one of the most famous BMWs ever. When Richard Hammond drove the car last year he reported quote "To use, it feels every inch the precision tool: serious about the business of arsing about on a track, but it flatters and rewards sensible control inputs with predictable, reassuring responses. The grip is astonishing, and this is achieved not by a Star Trek computer but by simple, mechanical design thoroughness. It works and doesn’t need anything to help it." Clearly the E30 is and always will be an amazing drivers car. In fact I bet a lot of you guys reading this own E30s.

In my own opinion, I would and want to own one. Not only do they look great (Especially with Alpina or style 127 wheels) but they're a perfect car. Amazing handling, practical, not too expensive, and works on a track. Whats not to love?