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BMW 435i quick review

didn’t get a chance to take pic but like this example

Borrowed this from a friend for a couple of hours drove through suburban roads and freeways in the dry and pouring rain. This is a 2015 or 16 with xDrive and Msport package. Is a good car overall but I don’t see much difference for it to really stand out between an equivalent Infiniti Q60 with the 3.0T(except for the infotainment) or an equivalent C400 coupe. I have not driven the new S5 to make that comparison.

good power but needs to be in the right mode. Comfort is sluggish. I found it odd that you have to change both the shifter from d to s and choose sport or sport+ to get the full fastest experience. I think they should be tied together on one button. But once you have it setup damn this thing is quick. The ZF 8 speed shifts fast with a satisfying “brap”. The N55 js great with low end torque but loves to rev as well. setting it in Sport/Sport+ and it keeps it on boil and makes the steering heavier as well. It’s no hydraulic feel and it’s clearly electric but it is what it is. Much better than some of the older 2012 F30 328i ones I have driven. Exhaust sound is meh. Ride is firm but very controlled.


Handles excellent but on regular roads so do the competitors, and brakes are fantastic but very grabby and have to get used to it. quiet on the highway and comfortable sport seats and steering wheel. Very. low to the ground so you have to fall into the seats. Speaking of which rear seats can accomdate smaller adults.

iDrive is fantastic intuitive and fast. Logically laid out guages and controls which are familiar if you’ve owned and driven BMWs, but material quality could be better. I think they dropped the ball with this generation the comparable Audi a4 and Cclass is wayy ahead. This one had all the safety tech and HUD which was perfect.

same interior combination black on black with silver trim like this pic

It is an expensive car though. As configured fully loaded almost 60K surely. Guess you cant go wrong with one as a coupe sedan or gran coupe especially if you buy used.

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