Illustration for article titled BMW 5 series review - backseat edition

Pros: finally a Lyft with enough backseat headroom for a 6' dude.

Individual air vents for each backseat passenger is nice?

Steering wheel is attractive.

Center console/center stack area has a nice, coherent design.


Feels bunker-like. The door sills are waaaaaay to high up, leaving small slots for windows. It’s not as bad as many other modern vehicles, but it’s still noticeably unpleasant.


Materials feel surprisingly cheap. Bit underwhelming for a car that most frequently sells for $60k+. Soft touch plastic is still quite plasticky, and more abundant than it should be. Leather feels no better than what you’d find in a budget *insert $25k car here*.

Sound deadening isn’t very good. Again, $60k bmw.


Nothing about this car screams luxury, or even premium. Not even a whisper. I wonder how Mercedes' big sedans match up..? 


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