Tire Rack, for some reason (maybe my own incompetence?) shipped my wheels and tires to my house instead of my mechanic. This is actually good, since my sway bars are back ordered for a few weeks, delaying my suspension install. I went to look up the jacking points for my car, and things got complicated.

Getting at the central jacking points requires either first driving the car up on ramps (which I used to have but gave away years ago) or a low-profile, long-reach jack like this:

I have your basic Craftsman floor jack, so I’m going to use each of the 4 corner jacking points. Each of them has these reinforcement pads on them that you’ll fuck up if you just put a regular jack under there. Thankfully, there are several adapters available, like this:


They mate up the jack pad to the corner jack point like this:


Since I wanted to put my wheels on over the upcoming long weekend, I looked around for the fastest shipping, and found that FGT Motorsport sells their adapter through Amazon. Through the wonders of Prime shipping, I will have my jack adapter on Saturday, and be able to put the wheels on.

Wouldn’t want to be stuck with some “improper jacking technique.”