Here’s a weird one for everyone. My wife’s X1 had the radiator replaced under her CPO warranty last January. Two months later, it lost enough coolant to set off the warning light again, so I brought it back in, with a few hundred miles still left on the warranty.

They said they did a pressure test and found no leaks. I asked then about the HG, and they said everything looks good and that they sometimes lose coolant. I knew this was bullshit, of course, so I replaced the resevoir cap, as a pressure test wouldn’t have caught a leaky cap.

Well, every other month since then I’ve had to top off the coolant. Last week it ran out in a few days. I got under rhe car where I could clearly see the radiator leaking from both tanks. I call them up, let them know the deal, and they tell me if it truly is the radiator, the work will be covered. They said if it isn’t, I’ll have to pay a $170 diagnoses fee which can be applied to the necessary repair. No problem, I say, as the problem was obvious.

I got an email this morning informing me that it’ll be $1,200+ for a new radiator and labor, and that there is no warranty on the previous work done since the CPO warranty is up.

Nice try, dealership. I’m currently waiting on a response to my counter suggestion on what needs to be done.

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