If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in Australia. Conveniently, I’m about to hop on an airplane during the time I’d usually post a build update and stick around to answer all of your intelligent, well thought out questions such as, “Why didn’t you just use an LS?”

So in lieu of that, here are some Utes I saw these past two weeks.

The Boss 260 stickers indicate that this guy has the DOHC 5.4L V8 that was also used in the Lincoln Navigator, Ford GT, and some Shelby Mustangs. It puts out 260 kW of power, or around 350 horsepower. They also had a Boss 290, Boss 302, and Boss 315, with 389, 405, and 422hp, respectively.


This Commodore Ute came with a V8 and a six speed manual. Throw a couple of dirt bikes in the back, or some mulch, or whatever you want. Awesome.


This was my favorite - the Ford Falcon Ute with the Super Pursuit package. It has a turbocharged 4.0 I6 putting out 362hp and 410ft-lb coupled with a T-56 6 speed manual. That’s certainly enough to roast some tires.

I’ll be back again next week in full force, so get ready to complain about my poor decision making!


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