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BMW F10 550i xDrive?

Hi oppo,

As some of you may know, I have a 2006 STS-V that I picked up earlier this year. I’m looking to get rid of it before winter (nearly 500 hp in a RWD configuration isn’t ideal for snow in Colorado).

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with BMW 550is of the F10 generation. I’d be looking for AWD (no manual :( ) and have found a few that seem to be reasonably priced. Are they (the F10s) any good? What about the N63 motor? Does anyone have any experience with these as a DD? What about tuning on the N63? (I know it’s not as supported as the N54/N55 on the aftermarket but it’s a V8...).


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help on this!

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