I was on BMW’s website endlessly looking at the 320i earlier today and I noticed that they completely renovated it. For a few years now, their different models and versions have been laid out in grid formation. First, you would choose your series or model (Ex: 3-Series). Then, you’d choose the model you want (Ex: 320i). This would open up the configurator for that specific car.

Here are both the F10 and G30 5-Series together.

Now, they are arranged in sort of an interactive list with the models and their versions in a vertical format. I liked the old one, but I’m sure this new one will grow on me.

Nice 320i.

I actually like the configurator for each car, though. It feels like the configurators for foreign markets. (I’ve only used the USA, UK, and Colombian ones).

Here’s what the actual vehicle configurator looks like. Oh look, a 320i. What a coincidence.


Now you get a 360 view of the exterior as you choose your desired paint and wheel choice.

I apologize in advance if I sound really boring, but I found this really exciting this morning.

Enjoy configuring 320is BMWs, everyone.