Yesterday I stopped by BMW for a BMW i3 driving "event". It was not a big hoopla although they did have Audi-approved white hors d'oeuvre trays. There weren't any DJ curated spotify playlists or blue LED illuminated warehouses though.

I drove a silver "Giga World" trim. Pictures below are from an adjacent "Tera World" trim. The inside looked great, much better than pictures on the web. BMW used interesting materials with contrasting textures that you must see in person to appreciate. I especially liked the weird molded hemp panels and dashboard.


Dash had lovely stitching, with lots of fascinating swoopy curves:

The central swoop is big enough to be functional. It would be a convenient place for sunglasses, parking stubs, etc... The navigation screen was big and bright.


The steering wheel was a little synthetic and squishy for my tastes:


I only got to drive for a couple of miles so I won't pretend to review it. I'll say that the ride is very Tesla-like at a much lower price. You get that great electric torque and acceleration, as well as the low center of mass. You also get the strange "one-pedal driving" style where the car rapidly slows down as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator; you don't use the brakes very much. One thing I did not like were the convex side view mirrors which hurt my eyes. I don't know if those are standard but I hate them. Otherwise the car has good visibility.

On style alone, there is no way I would get a Leaf or Volt over this, and it is quite a bit cheaper than a Tesla.

On my way out they gave me some sort of hemp/burlap tote bag that smells like an antique store: