My 120k miles 335xi has some damp oil/dirt film on the front charge pipe probably indicative of a leaky oil seal, in addition to the noisy wastegate on the rear turbo. burns a little oil and seems the oil looks blacker than it should after a recent oil change. bottom line- i’ve been driving like an old man, minimizing my time on the boost fearing that the turbos are ending their lifetime on this earth.

swing by my local Euro repair shop and the guy at the counter says “we did that same job last year, with a new motor mount, for $9100.”


uh, the car isn’t worth that much in total. well shit. the DIYs i’ve watched show removing the whole front subframe for access, and that was on a RWD car without a whole front axle in the way. the Bentley manual makes it sound like a simple straightforward job, but their steps include “remove exhaust system” as one step.

both turbos, new from Mitsubishi (OEM, for real) and an install kit is about $2000. But i don’t have hands like a little bavarian girl attached to go-go gadget arms to fit well in that tight space. or a lift. dammit.

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track day with dirty said car a few years ago in Aspen for your time.

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