BMW..or Merc or anyhting with a possible LS Swap

A nice animated artwork I made for the guys from SEMA just to catch your attention LOL

Hey there oppo! recently moved to another country where things are more ... normal, or so I thought.


Anyways, I was thinking of start saving up to get a cool first project car.

Theres so much I’d like to do but so little money, what is the feasibility of buying something like a neglected sedan such as a 5 series, or comparable mercedes benz (which I can find around here for a thousand bucks) and import from the U.S. an LS engine (the pickup, iron block one that I’ve heard is cheaper) and transplant it into that car .

I know its not an easy job, but I’ve got a couple of mechanic friends who would help me out with the elbow grease and maybe lend me a working space for it.

What Im basically asking here is, what is the cheapest and easiest way to get into an LS powered car (camaros, firebirds and such are pretty darn rare here so you’d probably have to pay a premium for one of those), but I’ve seen thrashed V6 camaros go for around 1900-2500 bucks so its not out of the question, id have to restore those and do an LS swap.

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