Three years ago I wrote the article titled “The Death of BMW’s M Brand” saying that the BMW M cars had become the Ultimate Poser Machine. But I didn’t realize how right I was until last Saturday when I went to a Chicago Region SCCA Autocross. There were two BMWs in a field of nearly 100 and both were from the 1990’s. It was sad.

Autocross parking lots used to be filled with modern BMWs because you can’t really hurt a car racing around cones. But the new BMW product has become so bloated and unfun(yes its a word) to drive that no one bothers to compete in them anymore. Guess what the largest class is at my local BMW car club event? Its the one for non-BMWs. That is sad.

I got a lot of grief three years ago for publishing that Death of the M Brand Article. But lately Im being told more and more that I was right and that its getting worse. Even Car & Driver jumped on the band wagon yesterday with an article saying “BMW Is Fighting For Its Soul” where they confirmed my thoughts... “Many performance models prove to be a real disappointment on the track—or, conversely, good on the track but intolerable on the road.” Again, sad.

Its nice to hear that I was right, but really sad that BMW continues to move in this direction. I think it might be the end of an era. The end of BMW as a drivers machine. If you want to read more or see more links to articles confirming my thoughts, there’s a lot more over here.