I took a look at my sisters BMW 528i on why it wont run. Tried to read codes, but my scanner doesn’t like german engineering, so I checked battery, good, almost no fuel,needle is on the last mark. Cranked engine and it catches, but dies in a second. I remove engine cover (2 bolts and the rear one was missing). Checked for spark with the tester and it fired right up with a white cloud of smoke coming out the rear for a few seconds. Filled it up with the correct gas (she uses cheapo ethanol fuel).

This BMW has a hard life :(

What I think happened is that the low fuel and ethanol/water down gas absorbed water and froze in the lines and the injectors had a hard time getting the water out? Might not be technically correct, but if I can find anything wrong that would be it. Probably needs new plugs and coils too.


Works perfect now, no engine lights, studdering etc. I didnt remove the rear seat to hear the fuel pump with my stethoscope as there’s too much junk back there.

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