Full disclosure: I apologize at the outset if you clicked this post looking for photos of the 2019 X5. I did not take any. It’s nice, but my camera was more interested in the i8 Roadster. And I was more interested in the M2.

At the beginning of the month, Autohaus BMW in St. Louis sent me an invitation to check out the new X5 in exchange for a $1,000 credit toward my next car purchase. So I took my family to look at the SUV.

I hadn’t seen the new X5 before. It’s nice. My wife likes it. It follows the same design cues as the redesigned X3 and looks smaller than the current model.

But I really like the i8 Roadster. I know its not in the league of the cars it competes with at the price point, but in person it really looks incredible. I apologize that I didn’t take photos of the M3s, M4s, M2, and new M5.

BMW also had pancake art for kids, so my toddler had a Unicorn pancake. I thought this was nice and she loved it.


Photo: My daughter, Annika, with her Unicorn pancake


The rear seems really large considering the size of the engine. In person, this rear looks larger than my friend’s rear engined Ferraris.