So, I know where there's an abandoned BMX bike. It looks pretty cool and it works just fine, but it has a weird extra bar in the frame, similar to this.

Of course, the one I'm talking about has a normally shaped frame, just with that extra bit that for some reason makes it a "girls'" bike. (seriously, gender-specific bikes serve no purpose and should have ended years ago. Aren't girls' bikes shaped differently so that old-timey women can wear a dress without the frame pushing it up awkwardly past their knees? But that's besides the point.) Anyway, I didn't take the bike home when I found it because one of the tires was full of gross water and I didn't have the tools to remove it and dry it out, but I'm wondering if it's worth going back to adopt it. It's also a pink Mongoose, but not one of these BMX-frames-turned-into-a-kids'-bike things like the one pictured. I'm not embarrassed about riding a girls' bike or anything, but then I know that "real" BMX bikes only come in the one style, so I'm curious if there's anything bad about the extra part in the frame other than a bit of added weight. I've never ridden BMX before at all, by the way, and I don't plan on doing any tricks any time soon. I just need a new bike and I can get a free one as long as it's still sitting in that illegal dump in the woods.