Valtteri Bottas isn’t basking on the beach in Mykonos or Ibiza during F1's summer break, or snoozing on the sunny shores of a Finnish lake, but perfecting out of public view his rally technique.


While the Mercedes driver awaits his fate for 2020, he took a Ford Fiesta for a spin a few days ago, running the M-Sport WRC beast in the forest near Ferisen in Germany.

Anyone think he will be in a Mercedes next season? I’m thinking no, and how brutal is RBR?? Gasly is out, I kind of think Albon will do better but you never know if they like how the car is. Gasly seemed very promising too but maybe only up to midfield. It will be very interesting to see Albon in the RBR with so much power and downforce after the break. They had no idea the Honda PU would get so good within five races, they had to add downforce to the car.

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