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My father in law chewed up the prop on his boat pretty good yesterday and we need a new one for this weekend. I am trying to locate a suitable replacement because the one that is on there does a fair job at this elevation but I can’t for the life of my decipher these numbers and google isn’t much help. Part of the problem is that some of the letters could be numbers and some of there may be points in there. I am used to direct drive and V-drive brass props so this mishmash soup on this prop has me confused. Any help deciphering? Also, I assume that a LH engine rotation means an LH prop rotation, right? for more confusion, there is a replacement prop in the boat that looks like this.

Illustration for article titled Boat Halp

The first number you can’t make out is a 4. They are obviously different props and i can’t tell if i need to get a replacement of the same size as the chewed up one, or if this one will work fine. I think this says its a LH prop with a variable pitch of 24-23 and that the chewed up one is a 17-18

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