What I was looking for this morning was like a mapquest/google map of the seas. I could pull out some paper maps and do some navigational estimates, but why can't I find a tool to estimate this for me? Would like to know distances so I can buy a well researched boat to "commute" with once in a while and figure out fuel consumption and power requirements. The shore of Maine is so bizarre to drive on that something that will take you 3 hours to drive only takes 20 minutes by boat. After all the driving this weekend I would like to just go to sea to get to where I am going, especially since the house I got for my dad is a 2 minute walk from the ocean, my new office is going to be 3 blocks off the ocean, and when we go to see my girl's family, it is a 4 hour ride, but they are on the ocean too (probably an hour by boat), and I can salt some cars around so I am mobile when I hit land.

Anyone got any suggestions on where I could find such an app or tool?