Boatlock NPoCP Update

You may remember reading about Boatlock NPoCP edition a few weeks ago. If not, well, not many people did so don’t feel bad. Anywho, time for an update.

I bought a thing! It floats! It probably floats! It hopefully floats! It definitely runs. At this price, that is all I care about. This summer will be spent on the water trying to get an old 2-stroke to start!

Please enjoy some terrible pictures.

The day Mrs. Something-Clever-Here and I picked up the latest money pit.

It’s a Harley! Maybe. Could possibly be. Fine, someone stuck a decal on it but to be fair it looks factory applied.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

My suspect measurements were somewhat accurate, it fits in the garage and that is all that matters.


A little elbow grease, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and a bucket of soap go a long way.


This will get pulled out and replaced with the correct seat cushions. Some owner along the way did a semi conversion to a fishing boat deck concept. So if anyone wants some cheap fishing gear............

I’d like a little bigger motor but this should do the job.

Comes with jets for 5000' of elevation and 8000'. That’s more important around here than it sounds like.

And a bonus for all those who made it this far. When you see it........

Caught this on my way into work.

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