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News Flash: people who can afford six-figure wake boats are incredibly privileged!

pictured: not a six-figure boat
pictured: not a six-figure boat

source: planetNautique forum, where someone asked about whether Nautique boat production has been, or will be affected by COVID-19, which, of course it will. (emphasis mine)

I have a custom order P25 that was scheduled to build in the next few weeks. I’m hoping that my 2020 doesn’t arrive a week before the 2021 models do. Not fun taking delivery of a new “last-years” boat. I don’t blame them for keeping things quiet, but it’s time for more info. Thanks to all! Stay safe.


Come on, homie. People are dying. “Not fun” getting a $200,000 boat - that’s going to be exactly the same as a 2021 model - a little late, because people are concerned for their lives and that of fellow citizens? I strongly suspect Nautique is not withholding information. They just don’t know.

Like I said, hardly a news flash. I couldn’t bring myself to respond in that thread because my mother always said, “if you can’t think of anything nice to say, make a burner account and really tear down a complete stranger over something trivial!”

For your time:

can’t believe she didn’t end up sliding off into the water there

side note: I’m getting my boat in as soon as the ice is gone. 

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