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Bob Lutz is smoking some good stuff

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Car&Driver reports the man gave an interview to Automotive News (maybe a paywall) and said that if he were still at GM, he’d wanna do a Corvette Crossover. His exact words from the article: “[If I were still at GM], what I would do is develop a dedicated architecture, super lightweight, super powerful, Porsche Cayenne–like, only much better and a little bigger, medium-volume Corvette SUV. Target worldwide 20,000 to 30,000 units, and price it starting at $100,000. Gorgeous interior. No V-6 powertrain. No low-end version. It has to be the stellar premium sport-utility made in the United States, and the Corvette brand could pull that off.


Interesting, but it would upset a lot of people, and make the Corvette name start down a road of potentially becoming it’s own premium brand. Would you guys go for this?

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