ran out of batteries on my digital torque gauge from the harbor.

sample text

I got it out!


The offending nut


The resulting celebratory beer.

New shiny solid bushings, with the old bolt to hold alignment. Yes I used anti-seize.



A better look at the condition of my radiator shroud. This side is significantly worse due to battery acid.

Six bolts took 3 days. God help me. Now to install the subframe connectors, which require ~ 8 holes to be drilled (apparently you should drill each side separately.). Followed by fuel lines, and an upcoming trip to the machine shop for the engine. On track to be functional again this summer.

To do:

Fuel lines, Subframe connectors, Tires, brake lines, engine install, tranny tailshaft seal, tranny install, fluids, hoses, battery?, shifter fix, misc wiring, inspection, whatever I break in the mean time.