So winter is approaching, and it’s getting colder outside as it tends to do in mid fall. It’s been warm enough during the day (mid 60s) that we’ve been keeping our bay doors open as long as possible. When my coworkers and I opened the shop up Monday morning, we noticed tiny little kitten footprints in the dust on a few cars/benches/etc. There are some feral cats not too far away from our shop near a creek in the woods, but they’ve never ventured close to the building, much less inside.

Seems our friend doesn’t mind Porsche’s with the engine in the wrong end.

We looked around the shop a bit while having our first cups of coffee, but to be honest, there’s probably a million tiny little nooks and crannies that a kitten could hide in our shop. Assuming that the stowaway had snuck back out a door to head back to his or her feral colony at some point, we went about our day.


As we were wrapping up our lunch break and discussing the afternoons plans, a very small, dusty, and fast kitten sprinted out from behind our frame measuring computer, across the shop floor, and up to the storage area built on top of the office. We opened the doors closest to the stairs back down, and tried to stay away from the area (we didn’t want to terrify the thing, it was already scared, and we assumed it just wanted back outside and to it’s home).

Around four that afternoon, I heard a kitten howling in the shop, over a running air fileboard (obscenely loud). I stepped out of the office, and a coworker was already headed over to see what the commotion was. Seems our friend just wanted to make sure we knew it was there. Just sitting at the top of the steps, meowing it’s head off. I went up the steps, and it ran and hid behind some sheetmetal paneling and insulation. After concluding we were going to have a guest for the night, I ran to the store to pick up some food and litter for our new tenant.

I’ve come in to an empty food bowl and half empty water bowl each morning since (but no joy in the litter box, meaning I’m probably going to have some surprises eventually). It runs away at first sight of my coworkers, but will let me get to within 5 feet or so (I’m not pushing the issue, I don’t want to terrify the poor thing any more than it already is).

“Just keep the food and water full and stay away from me, and we’ll be fine, thanks.”

Eventually, I’m hoping it’ll trust me enough to at least get it to a vet to be neutered and checked out. If he/she develops social willingness with me, and is healthy, I guess I’ll have a new pet to take home.

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