Does anyone know if wheels with a 5x4.75 bolt pattern would fit on a car that came with 5x4.5s? Reason I’m asking is I had this crazy weird inspiration to put C4 Sawblades on my ‘97 Crown Vic LX. Have a Volvo 240 rolling on some aforementioned Sawblades for your time.

EDIT: Ok, so I asked a pretty stupid question. Sorry about that. Mainly what I’m really trying to figure out is what is the best way (or easiest way) to get 5x4.75s to fit on a 5x4.5. I don’t know why and I don’t understand it in any way, but I have my heart set on the look of the C4 Sawblade wheels on my Vic. Of course I’d be open to other wheels (turbofans?) if they’re of a similar style and right bolt pattern, lol.

So, I’ve definitely ruled out drilling them to fit. So now it looks like I’d have to do a hub swap? I’m already planning on upgrading the brakes, so would I be able to swap over, say a CTS-V brake set to get the bigger brakes and the right bolt pattern? Would I need to swap the axles too? Thank you everyone for your replies and sorry I had a momentary lapse in logic. Won’t happen again ;)