Finally dug into my 996 to determine why my car sounds like I’m shaking bolts in a coffee can.

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This is the culprit. More specifically this.

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That’s the arm that connects the valve in the exhaust to the vacuum operated actuator. Snapped off, don’t know why, maybe vibration, possibly rust (doubt it from looking at it), maybe the valve got stuck and the actuator Hulked out. Dunno.

What I do know is that bastard makes my car sound like crap, and that valve that changes the sound from “I wish that was a little louder” to “Yes mistress, may I have another” freely rotates. On top of that, there is lateral lay in the valve itself where it has worn, causing more rattles.


So the question becomes, where do I go from here? These mufflers are unobtainium, and parts are unavailable. As in no longer made, Porsche will sell a newer version for $4k or so. No thanks, that’s a significant portion of the money I have invested in the car. The right side muffler is fine, both valve wise and internally as far as I can get with my snake cam into it. It’s just this one with the broken part and wear making it all rattle.

I see my options as this:

  • 1: Weld the rod back onto the ball link. It’s doable, but kinda tough to get a good angle on, and I’m positive it’s going to snap again in quick time.
  • 2: Weld the valve open in place on both sides so it always sounds awesome and doesn’t rattle. Cut off the actuators and pull out the vacuum lines going to it, disable the electronics etc.
  • 3: Cut the whole section of pipe with the valves out and weld in plain pipes there, also removing the vacuum stuff.
  • 4: I’ve found a stock set of mufflers locally in good shape, There is a fairly easy mod (called a Gundo hack) that replicates what mine sound like with the valves open.
  • 5: Stock OEM mufflers and cry at the sound.

If I go to the stock mufflers modified, I’ll sell the ones I have on here. The one good one has to be worth some money, a set of 2 without rattles goes for $1500 or so used, so my one good one could be combined with someone else’s for a full set. That’s gotta be worth something.


What I’m leaning towards is number 2, just welding my valves open and having it sound awesome. It’d be the cheapest option up front (although I can weld and have a welder, I’d be having someone else do this), and likely the quickest/easiest way to get my car back on the road.

What say you, Oppo?

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