Bolts in Black

What do you do when you’ve cleaned up 20 bags of hardware on the wire wheel and need to paint them all without mixing them up? Drill holes in wood, of course.

If you look closely you can see the numbers stamped next to the written version

Each bag was given a number (or letter, for parts to be painted silver as opposed to black), an appropriate number of blind holes drilled into this 2x4 for the number of bolts, the number written on the board (for quick reference) and stamped in the wood (for reference post-painting), and the hardware placed on/in the board to be primed and painted.

Also pictured: Edge of upper core support thing, cracked and spalling floor

Turned out pretty well, tomorrow I’ll put everything back into its bags and be able to continue with Chevelle reassembly (for what it’s worth, this is a majority of the hardware which isn’t getting replaced). Several other parts featured previously are also in various stages of “being painted.

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