There was a third atomic bomb scheduled to drop on Aug. 19, 1945. Japan surrendered on the 15th. Necessary Evil was picked to lead that group. It was built in 1945 and flown to Tinian island where they put the bomb and nuclear core together. After the Nagasaki mission on August 9th, the second bomb, they named it and painted the nose art.

Koromo was the intended target. The second plutonium core for the third bomb to drop on Japan had been assembled in Los Alamos and was to be shipped to Tinian island but on the 14th of August, they halted the transport. On the 15th, Japan surrendered unconditionally, four days before the next strike.

Had that bomb dropped, we would have many school debates about the aircraft name in correlation to the action it was used for. We would also be without the Toyota motor company. you see, Koromo, today is known as Toyota. The Toyota motor company was dedicated to military truck production throughout the war.

That isn’t where it would have stopped either. They had scheduled production for up to twelve atomic bombs, as Japan was going down the road to triumph or destruction with no middle ground, they would have used them until their end. Had even the third bomb dropped, the world landscape today would be different than what we know now.