This will conclude the Bomb Cylcone updates from the house of the Huzers. I shoveled, it was heavy wet snow. Thankfully, I didn’t die, and the beer is nice and cold, so all is good. There was about a 2-3’ drift in the driveway to add to the fun. Right now, it’s just windy and not snowing. I shall now have another beer.

A little after 2 PM, and it’s more of the same, little accumulation, lots of wind. Apparently a few more hours to go. We’ve lost power a couple of times, but only for a few minutes.

12 PM, MT: So windy, 50-60mph gusts. Horizontal snow here. While it isn’t snowing hard, it’s windy. Lights have flickered a few times.


Update, hour 3 has arrived. I’ll update every couple of hours until the power goes out.

Initial picture, 7:22 AM MT.


Oh, it’s on. Colorado has closed for the day.