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Bombardier bomb

So, lets talk about some not so smart choices done by manufactures from a sales stand point.

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I work for a power-sports dealer that sells Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda. We are, by volume, the largest Kawasaki dealer in Ontario.

We USED to sell Bombardier products. (Sea-doo, Ski-doo, Can-am) and we were dam good at it too. We were #1 in southern Ontario for them.

This year, BRP decided that they wanted ALL of their dealers to become JUST BRP dealers. No other brands. If the dealer refused to comply, the sales contract got pulled. We used to do 300 units for them a year. and now...jack.

Honda tried much the same thing in the mid 2000s. It didnt go well for them.

What is the mentality behind this? ‘cant compare to our competitors”? If your product is good, you should be fine with this, because then its an easier sell!

I think 40% of the calls I feild in a day are sea-doo/can-am calls. I should keep track and send them an email about it XD

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