S55B30 power is vastly underrated

Hey guys,

Was able to get our new 2015 M3 over to the dyno today for a little test and tune action. It has around 100 miles on the clock... Fuel is 91 octane + a can of octane booster to bring octane up to around 93 octane.

To start I did a few baseline runs in 4th and 5th gear. The best of which was 427rw in 5th gear. Boost was around 19.5psi peak, timing around 9 degrees up top, and I was fairly disappointed with the output. I'm not sure what might be holding back power but we'll have to dive in to that as we get further in to the R&D process.

Not satisfied I decided to whip up a Stage1 alpha tune and after some work had boost up to 24psi and power up to a more respectable ~480rw.

Work continues!