Another experiment with Android tablets, and another disappointment. I found this 32 GB 9" Nook HD+ on CL pretty cheap ($45) and thought it would be the perfect complement to the Chinesium lighted borescope I grabbed a few weeks back, with the big 1980x1280 display being a better option than using one of my old phones. A little research showed that I could even root this device and put Android 7 Nougat on it. I drove miles out of my way to get it, and then after the purchase I realized that it uses a proprietary 30-pin connector and not a micro USB port LIKE EVERY OTHER NOOK DEVICE I OWN! D’oh!

A few years back I bought a cheap 8" tablet over at Best Buy that was cellular capable so I could use it as a bigger GPS, but found it so slow as to border on useless. Another grand plan shot to hell. I should see if I still have it and perhaps use it with the borescope. I’m going to give the big GPS thing another try having found a cheap 3rd generation iPad on eBay; this was the first one with a retina display and the last one with the 30-pin dock connector (which means it should work with the iPod interface in my car - maybe). I wanted a mini, but at $50 this one seemed too good to pass up, which means that I’m going to regret it somehow. Yes, it’s older and slower than newer iPads, but I’m not using it for anything other than Google maps and MP3 playback so it should be fine. We’ll see...


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