Bonjour, mon petit

Easily the most interesting new car for a long time: rear engine, RWD, cheaper than a MINI, 4 seats, 4 doors and made by Europe's hot hatch specialists.

The really hot Gordini and Renaultsport versions are yet to be announced, but Renault's regular petrol triples are nice rorty devices, and I expect the little cube to weigh not very much at all. Combine with uncorrupted steering, a low centre of gravity (the engine is mounted flat), available manuals and a light front end, and it ought to be properly hoonable.

It looks like they made a conscious effort to prioritise clever packaging and driving fun with this one, so I'm really looking forward to the first driving tests.


For the poor, benighted people of the US: you won't be getting this one, but you'll probably get the two seat version with a Smart badge.

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