Flyin Miata Strut tower brace and frame rail braces

Flyin Miata clutch "happy meal" with 13lb flywheel

Flyin miata N/A exhaust package which includes: Racing Beat 4-1 header, Magnaflow high-flow cat, and a Flyin Miata single exit stainless steel cat back exhaust


Racing Beat adjustable front and rear endlinks


new clutch slave cylinder

Mazdaspeed Miata intake cam


Hard Dog roll bar (getting this used, already wrapped in foam, and with carpeting and such that has already been cut as needed

a set of Dunlop Direzza ZII tires for the stock wheels


And a gloss plastidip kit to turn the car this color. No, it's not my ideal either, but my paint is in crap condition, and this will work as a temporary measure to hold me over while I save up for the body work and paint the car will require eventually......though interior, a set of 15x8 6UL's, and forced induction will all likely happen before that since the car is a toy rather than a show car.

Oh, and all this for less than 4k....god I love how inexpensive Miata parts are. Should go nicely with the suspension work I'm finishing up this weekend and make for a seriously fun little toy for autocross, and trips out to the hill country.