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Book recommendations

So I've been researching a lot about books I might have an interest in, and I've noticed my gearhead's library is highly turned towards Detroit steel. Not that I find anything wrong with it, obviously, but I'd like some broader coffee table-style book recommendations from people who probably know better. My automotive interests, besides Detroit, surround British sports cars (TVR, AC, Marcos, Aston Martin), some Italians (Iso, De Tomaso, Lamborghini), some 80s/90s Japanese cars (mostly Imprezas and Supras), most pre-1980s motorsports, and specialist car tuners (Hennessey, AMG, Ruf, Lingenfelter). I know it doesn't make it a lot easier but if anyone knows good books on these subjects I'd appreciate if you gave me the title and author(s). Also, if anyone knows a book about North American Aviation I'd also appreciate it.


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