Booked a BRZ for the weekend!

Despite resounding Oppo advice to take my hooptie on the road trip for the weekend, my girlfriend has the final say on these sort of things. And also, she is 100% right that its just not worth the risk. I really havent driven the car enough to say confidently that it’s ready to go. If I was making the trip myself? Then sure I’d do it. But I can’t put her at risk or make her deal with waiting for me to roadside repair the thing. I will still find another excuse to road trip the Neon the following weekend though. I am sure the BRZ will be more fun and more comfortable anyways!


Im probably just going to be more convinced that I need to buy one of these in the future. I really had zero complaints other than the stock tires in the last one I tried out. It was just perfect for cruising around and enjoying scenery. I will try and find some twisties as well, Im sure the more mountainy areas in CT should be able to help out with that.

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