I got this copy of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen from my local library’s annual book sale.

I’ve had it for a number of years now, but took another look at it today. It’s in pretty much unreadable condition, so it is kept in a magazine bag. Almost all the pages came free of their bindings long ago and are aged to the point of crumbling.


Weirdly, there are no publishing dates in this version. I’ve found that the publisher, Cassell Publishing was formed in 1849, so it is from some point after that. I was going to guess early 1900's but I have a copy of The Jungle Book from 1890something, and it is in perfect condition. Maybe this was printed on cheap paper stock?

Evidently it was once owned by the Dread Pirate Robert Cole.


Some little ratbastard took some markers to the opening illustration.


A closeup of one the wonderful wood engravings from Gustave Dore.

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